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Boundary Lubrication of Biofuels and Similar Molecules
2017-01-9376 | 2017-06-29
Features of Application Materials While Designing Phase Transition Heat Accumulators of Vehicle Engines
2017-01-5003 | 2017-07-24
Stepwise Coastdown Methodology for Measuring Tire Rolling Resistance
J2452_201707 | 2017-07-26
Designing a Hybrid Electric Powertrain for an Unmanned Aircraft with a Commercial Optimization Software
2017-01-9000 | 2017-06-29
Aerodynamic Analysis Of Commercial Vehicles For Drag Reduction With Safety Enhancement
2017-28-1955 | 2017-07-10
Environmentally Compliant Processes for Landing Gear
AIR5479B | 2017-07-14
Methodology for Developing a Diesel Exhaust After Treatment Simulation Tool | Journal Article
2017-01-9183 |Published 2017-09-16 by SAE International in United States
Estimation of Fuel Economy and Emissions for Heavy-duty Diesel Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle with Electrical Heating Catalyst System | Technical Paper
2017-01-2207 | Published 2017-10-08 by SAE International in United States
Brake Adjustment Limit for Air Brake Actuators | Ground Vehicle Standard
J2899_201706 | Published 2017-06-09 by SAE International in United States

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The SAE MOBILUS technical resource platform gives you instant access to the exact information you seek.

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