How are engineers adapting to accelerating innovation?

In the automotive and aerospace sectors, the rapid pace of technological advancement is challenging traditional categories. A “brake engineer” today interfaces with expertise in ADAS, electronics, electric motors, and beyond. 


These changes necessitate new ways of sourcing and using technical information. SAE International is your partner in meeting this urgent need. 


Engineers spend 13% of their time searching for information.


New or revised standards published in the last 12 months.

Capturing Complex Requirements in an Agile Environment

Agile Teams Require Definitive Requirements

Today’s agile engineering teams are working to architect complex systems. Their challenge is steep. As consumer preferences, new technologies, sustainability requirements, and other forces push mobility into uncharted territory, compliance to standards remains critical to ensuring product safety, reliability, and quality. 

At the same time, these technological developments are only accelerating, driving standards committees to revise documents to keep up. To capture requirements, engineers are turning to digital platforms like SAE Mobilus® to help them quickly source relevant standards and other documents. 

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, digital platforms can help reduce the time needed to develop new products by up to 30%1. When agile teams have seamless access to the requirements they need, the work of innovation isn’t bound up by complex processes. 

Engineers spend 13% of their time searching for information.

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No One Should Have to Search for Relevant Information

According to a report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), access to standards can save companies up to 5% of their total costs, reduce time-to-market by up to 50%, and increase innovation and competitiveness2. These significant efficiencies are the result of a transition away from paper-based standards and into digital systems.

Today’s digital libraries, like SAE Mobilus, feature powerful search functionality, as well as the ability set up notifications, save searches, and other tools that ensure fast access to the correct information. It keeps engineers updated as new versions publish, eliminating the need to check and re-check versioning. 

Engineers spend 13% of their time searching for information.

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Smarter Information Resourcing Drives Efficient Innovation 

Standards compliance should save resources, not bottleneck your work. The SAE Mobilus technical library provides your agile teams with standards and other technical information quickly and efficiently. Learn more about the tool today. 

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