Visit SAE at the 2018 ASEE Annual Conference

June 24-27, 2018 • Salt Palace Convention Center • Booth 519

Want to enhance your research efforts and empower your engineering students to advance the industry? Learn how by meeting with the SAE team at the 2018 ASEE Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Speak one-on-one with our experts and try an exclusive, complimentary demo of the industry-leading SAE MOBILUS® technical resource platform.


Stop by Booth 519 to get to know SAE International and learn how its products can help industry professionals and students advance the state of the art of mobility engineering.

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SAE is the global leader in training, professional development, standards, events, and resources for the mobility industry. For more than a century, SAE has provided the means for technical professionals to learn, connect, and develop innovative solutions.

For Engineering Educators

  • Connect with practicing engineers to deepen your knowledge and focus your research on topics crucial to the industry
  • Gain global networking opportunities to collaborate on research through networks, communities, and SAE chapter activities
  • Find more than 25 annual SAE-organized events that have calls for technical papers from academic researchers

For Students

  • Build your department’s reputation by connecting students with hands-on training that prepares them for mobility engineering careers
  • Provide a means to build a professional network through an organization that connects students with seasoned practitioners and exciting opportunities throughout the global industry
  • Help place your students in high-profile careers by leveraging SAE’s strong industry ties and future-proof career charting expertise


The essential resource discovery and management tool of the constantly moving mobility industry, the SAE MOBILUS technical resource platform provides single-click access to the latest standards, technical documents, journals, and much more. With user-centric features, intuitive search, a customizable dashboard, and customer-focused development, the SAE MOBILUS platform provides faculty, researchers, educators, and engineering students with the tools they need to accomplish daily tasks and advance the mobility industry — from the office or the classroom.

For Faculty, Researchers, and Librarians

  • Enter a robust research environment through a platform that allows for personalization, easy annotation, and a powerful search experience
  • Make informed decisions with in-platform Content Usage Reporting
  • Find and access a plethora of relevant materials to enhance course content

For Students

  • Empower your students to develop problem solving, critical thinking, and research skills needed to advance their careers and the industry as a whole
  • Introduce your students to standards and other practical engineering resources to give them a competitive edge in a job market hungry for entry-level engineers with real-world knowledge
  • Help students stay organized with a customizable dashboard featuring document bookmarking and unlimited folder creation


Written by industry experts and thought leaders, SAE books offer valuable insight pertaining to groundbreaking aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle mobility engineering developments. Over 220 titles address critical topics such as manufacturing, power and propulsion, management and organization, avionics, design engineering and styling, and more. Plus, a variety of technology-specific or custom eBook subscriptions are available through the SAE MOBILUS platform, providing a cost-effective way to access the content that best suits your institution’s needs.

For Engineering Educators

  • Discover valuable reading material for engineering classes
  • Find research inspiration in industry-focused examinations penned by fellow academics

For Students

  • Help students gain critical thinking skills to enhance their leadership potential
  • Equip students with a practical understanding of a broad spectrum of mobility engineering subjects


Available through the SAE MOBILUS platform, SAE Scholarly Journal subscriptions let academics and practitioners search and annotate articles with ease. Explore in-depth academic research addressing major topics within the mobility industry, including new journals devoted to the emerging fields of automated vehicles and cybersecurity. A stringent, double-blind peer-review process ensures that each article presents the most accurate, timely, and relevant findings.

For Engineering Educators

  • Increase the visibility of your contributions and subsequent citations by publishing research in ten of our journals indexed in the Web of Science (ESCI)
  • Make your research available for Open Access through SAE, keeping articles permanently free for everyone to read and download while retaining intellectual property rights
  • Submit papers easily with our industry-standard peer review process

For Students

  • Foster the continuous learning and scholarly thinking that yields industry-advancing insight
  • Purchase only the scholarly research most relevant to your institution — by volume or individual article
  • Provide students with a more convenient way to access scholarly research by introducing them to instant journal downloads on the SAE MOBILUS platform


Innovate new and exciting ways to move the mobility industry forward with the Wiley Aerospace and Automotive Collections, now offered as eBook packages and easily accessible through the SAE MOBILUS technical resource platform. Want to further expand and enhance your resource library? Supplement either the Aerospace or Automotive Collections with cutting-edge Wiley Computer Systems or Cybersecurity add-on collections that explore emerging technologies.

For Engineering Educators

  • Broaden your research horizons with exclusive resources that go beyond engineering to help readers develop a more thorough understanding of vital topics
  • Access Wiley’s renowned publications from any device

For Students

  • Provide students with quality resources from a leader in the academic space
  • Expose students to a wide range of knowledge, including still-developing subject matter


June 25, 11:30 AM–1:00 PM

As part of an exclusive ASEE ELD Sponsorship, SAE will be hosting the ELD Luncheon at the ASEE Conference, in addition to hosting a booth. Immediately following the conference’s first Focus on Exhibits time, this outstanding networking opportunity includes noteworthy conference announcements from SAE and talks from ELD members highlighting new activities in their libraries.

Don’t miss out on your complimentary SAE MOBILUS demo!